In the dynamic landscape of private company finance in Cyprus, the decisions you make regarding capital structure and financing options are pivotal. If you’re a Cyprus-based company seeking to secure funds and distribute ownership, the choice between Cyprus bond issuance, Cyprus preference shares issuance, or the creation of various classes of shares (including Cyprus Type A shares and Cyprus Type B shares) takes center stage. These choices bear far-reaching consequences for your company’s financial future. 

This publication serves as your guiding beacon, shedding light on the intricate world of Cyprus company finance. Our goal is to equip company owners and decision-makers in Cyprus with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions that align perfectly with their company’s goals and financial requirements. 

These financing instruments – Cyprus bonds, Cyprus preference shares, and diverse classes of shares – offer a spectrum of unique opportunities and considerations. Cyprus bond issuance provides a pathway to debt financing, characterized by fixed interest payments and a secured priority position in case of liquidation. Cyprus preference shares represent a hybrid solution, combining elements of both equity and debt, offering a fixed dividend and potential ownership rights. Lastly, by crafting diversified share classes like Cyprus Type A shares and Cyprus Type B shares, you can exert precise control over ownership and governance. 

At the heart of our discussion lies a fundamental question for company leaders in Cyprus: which financial instrument aligns best with your company’s objectives, risk tolerance, and long-term strategy? To answer this question, one must delve deep into the nuances of each option and grasp how they influence ownership structure, financial obligations, and governance in the context of Cyprus company law. 

Throughout this publication, we will explore the distinctive features, advantages, and trade-offs of Cyprus bond issuance, Cyprus preference share issuance, and the creation of diverse share classes. We will delve into the intricacies of ownership and control dynamics, dividend structures, priority in the event of liquidation, and other critical considerations. Armed with this knowledge, you will be well-prepared to make Cyprus company-specific decisions. 

Our goal is to provide Cyprus company leaders with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of financing decisions effectively. Our ultimate aim is to enable Cyprus-based entities to create a capital structure that not only meets their immediate financial needs but also positions them for sustained growth and prosperity. Whether your Cyprus company is looking to expand, attract investors, or reconfigure its capital framework, this publication serves as a comprehensive guide to help you make decisions that will mold your Cyprus company’s future. 

So, join us on this voyage as we explore the intricacies of Cyprus bond issuance, Cyprus preference shares, and the creation of unique share classes, arming Cyprus companies with the knowledge to make the right investment choices in the beautiful Mediterranean island nation. 

In the sections that follow, we will undertake a comprehensive analysis of the benefits, advantages, and distinct privileges associated with each of the available options. We will also provide a detailed breakdown of the steps involved in each process, guiding you through the issuance journey with clarity and precision. 

Characteristics of Various Options 

  1. Cyprus Bond Issuance:
  • Nature of Investment: Cyprus bond issuance involves borrowing money from investors, offering fixed interest payments, and a commitment to repay the principal amount at maturity. 
  • Ownership and Control: Cyprus bondholders do not acquire ownership or voting rights in the company. They are creditors with a claim to assets and income but no influence over governance. 
  • Dividends/Interest Payments: Cyprus bondholders receive regular, usually fixed, interest payments, which constitute a contractual obligation. Failure to meet these obligations can lead to default. 
  • Priority in Liquidation: In the event of bankruptcy or liquidation, Cyprus bondholders enjoy a higher claim on the company’s assets than common shareholders, securing priority in the capital structure. 

Steps to Issue Bonds in Cyprus: 

  • Determine Financing Needs: Start by assessing your Cyprus-based company’s financial requirements and the purpose of raising funds. 
  • Hire professional Advisors: Engage professional experts to help structure the bond issue, determine terms, interest rates, and maturity, and provide guidance on Cyprus-specific regulations. 
  • Select Bond Type: Choose the most suitable bond type, considering whether they will be secured or unsecured and whether they will be convertible, callable, or fixed-rate bonds. 
  • Prepare Bond Documentation: Work with legal experts to draft all necessary bond documentation, ensuring full compliance with Cyprus securities laws and regulations. 
  • Obtain Regulatory Clearance: Submit your bond documentation to the appropriate Cyprus regulatory authority, such as the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), to secure approval and ensure adherence to regulatory standards. 
  • Select a Trustee: If your bond issuance receives approval from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), designate a trustee to safeguard the interests of bondholders and ensure strict compliance with the applicable covenants for your Cyprus bond issuance. 
  • Market the Bonds: Execute marketing and investor relations activities to attract potential bond investors in Cyprus and beyond. 
  • Pricing and Subscription: Set bond pricing and open it for subscription, welcoming investors from Cyprus and the international market. 
  • Subscription and Allotment: Accept subscription requests, allot bonds to investors, and manage the reception of funds securely. 
  • Listing (if applicable): If you plan to list the bonds on a recognized exchange, take the necessary steps to achieve listing status. 
  • Payment: Make regular interest payments and, upon maturity, repay the principal amount to bondholders as per the agreed-upon terms. 


  1. Cyprus Preference Shares Issuance:
  • Nature of Investment: Cyprus preference shares represent a hybrid financial instrument, combining elements of equity and debt. They provide fixed dividends and may offer ownership rights, potentially sharing profits on a percentage or fixed basis. 
  • Ownership and Control: Cyprus preference shareholders possess partial ownership with limited or no voting rights, typically related to matters impacting their rights. 
  • Dividends: Cyprus preference shareholders receive fixed dividends or other forms of remuneration before common shareholders. These dividends are not guaranteed and may or may not participate in additional profits. 
  • Priority in Liquidation: In the event of liquidation, Cyprus preference shareholders hold a higher claim than common shareholders but a lower claim than bondholders. 

Steps to Issue Preference Shares in Cyprus: 

  • Assess Financial Needs: Evaluate your Cyprus-based company’s financial requirements and consider how preference share issuance aligns with your goals. 
  • Engage Professional Advisors: Collaborate with professional advisors experienced in Cyprus to structure the preference share issue and establish terms, dividend rates, and attached rights. 
  • Select Share Type: Choose the type of preference shares and determine whether they have voting rights or other ownership rights relevant to Cyprus company law. 
  • Draft Share Documentation: Collaborate with legal experts to create all required share documentation, including the share prospectus and terms and conditions, ensuring strict adherence to Cyprus legal and regulatory standards. 
  • Obtain Regulatory Approval: Submit your share documentation to the relevant Cyprus authorities, such as the Cyprus Registrar of Companies, for approval and compliance checks. 
  • Promote the Preference Shares: If your private company chooses to, create and implement marketing and investor relations strategies aimed at drawing potential preference share investors, with a particular focus on the Cyprus market. 
  • Pricing and Subscription: Establish preference share pricing and open it for subscriptions by Cyprus investors and beyond. 
  • Subscription and Allotment: Manage subscription requests, allot preference shares to investors, and efficiently receive funds, ensuring full compliance with Cyprus regulations. 
  • Shareholder Agreement: Draft a shareholder agreement that outlines the rights and responsibilities of preference shareholders in compliance with Cyprus company law. 
  • Dividend Payments: Make regular dividend payments as per the terms and conditions stipulated in the share documentation, adhering to Cyprus legal requirements. 


  1. Various Categories of Shares (e.g., Cyprus Type A Shares, Cyprus Type B Shares):
  • Nature of Investment: Different classes of Cyprus common shares provide tailored rights and characteristics, allowing you to customize ownership benefits in your Cyprus company. 
  • Ownership and Control: All Cyprus share categories represent equity ownership, and voting rights differ among classes, enabling diverse control structures within your Cyprus company. 
  • Dividends: Dividends may vary across Cyprus share classes, with different classes receiving higher or lower dividends or having unique dividend structures. 
  • Other Rights: Specific rights or restrictions may apply to different Cyprus share classes, such as special voting rights, pre-emptive rights, and more. 
  • Priority in Liquidation: Various Cyprus share classes may have differing claims on the company’s assets in a liquidation scenario, with Cyprus preference shares typically enjoying higher priority. 

Steps to Issue Various Types of Shares (e.g., Type A, Type B) in Cyprus: 

  • Evaluate Ownership Structure: Assess the need for multiple classes of shares to tailor ownership and control within your Cyprus-based company. 
  • Legal and Shareholders’ Agreement: Work closely with legal experts to draft articles of association or a shareholders’ agreement outlining the rights, voting powers, dividend preferences, and restrictions of each share class, adhering to Cyprus company law. 
  • Seek Shareholder Approval: Present the proposed share class structure to shareholders in Cyprus for approval, ensuring transparency and alignment with company objectives. 
  • Register Changes: File any necessary changes or additions to the articles of association with the Cyprus Registrar of Companies, as required by Cyprus law. 
  • Allot Shares: Allocate shares to existing or new shareholders as per the approved structure, making sure to maintain accurate records of share ownership and class allocations. 
  • Maintain Compliance: Ensure full compliance with Cyprus company law and regulatory requirements throughout the process, reporting any changes as needed. 
  • Governance: Manage the various share classes according to the agreed-upon rights and obligations, including voting and dividend preferences, while keeping records in line with Cyprus regulations. 
  • Regular Reporting: Provide shareholders in Cyprus with consistent financial updates and performance reports, differentiating between share class rights where applicable. 
  • Adapt as Necessary: Be prepared to adapt the share structure as needed in response to changes in your Cyprus-based company’s objectives or the business environment, maintaining full compliance with the Cyprus legal framework. 


In the realm of Cyprus private company finance, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for success. It’s a dynamic journey defined by pivotal decisions that shape a company’s destiny. As we conclude our exploration of Cyprus bond issuance, Cyprus preference share issuance, and the creation of distinct share classes, it’s evident that these financial instruments are not mere tools – they are strategic vehicles that empower Cyprus companies to navigate the ever-changing landscape of growth and adaptation. 

Each Cyprus company’s story is a tapestry of unique aspirations and values, and the financing choices made along the way are a reflection of these ideals. The choice between Cyprus bonds, Cyprus preference shares, or finely crafted Cyprus share classes embodies your vision for the future, a strategic alignment with your goals, risk tolerance, and governance structure. 

For those embarking on the journey of Cyprus bond issuance, you leverage the power of debt to propel your aspirations forward. By promising to repay investors with interest payments, you access additional capital without diluting ownership. Your commitment transforms borrowed funds into growth and innovation, strengthening your competitive edge in the Cyprus market. 

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