Cyprus company formation main requirements and documents required

Cyprus company formation form

1. Cyprus company name approval

Although during the process of the Cyprus company formation, only one Cyprus company name is required for approval, we recommend that at least 3 names be provided in order of preference. This is to avoid any delays in case the former is rejected. Commonly used words like “Cyprus bank, European, Trustee, Cyprus, trust, Cyprus company, Cyprus fund, International, etc. require justification.

2. Cyprus company share capital

For a Cyprus company formation, the Cyprus Company’s share capital must be determined. For the Cyprus company, we recommend a minimum share capital of 1.000 Euros.

3. Cyprus company Director/s and Secretary

At least one director (who can also be a shareholder) is necessary to be appointed. A secretary of the Cyprus company is also necessary to be appointed. We need a full name, address, profession, and nationality for each officer. For each one of the officers we require a passport and a recent utility bill

4. Cyprus company shareholder

At least one shareholder (who can also be a director) is necessary, The use of a nominee shareholder is permitted. We need a full name, address, nationality, profession, and proportion for each holding. For shareholders, we require a passport and a recent utility bill

5. Cyprus company activities

The Cyprus company’s activities must be determined. A detailed description of the Cyprus company’s activities shall be provided. The description will be used to draw up the articles of association of the Cypriot company.

Documentation necessary to be provided in more detail

To register a company in Cyprus, the following documentation should be provided for directors/shareholders/secretary:

For individuals

  • Notarised passports or passports certified by a reputable financial institution or professional adviser in the home country or normal country of residence
  • A recent utility bill (not older than 3 months) i.e. telephone-land line bill, electricity bill, water bill gas bill, etc. certified by a reputable financial institution or professional adviser in the home country or normal country of residence
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Bank reference letter (recommended) Please click here to download a specimen bank reference letter
  • Copy of latest tax declaration in country of residence (recommended) 
  • % of participation in the Cyprus company

Upon request, we can assist in providing Cyprus tax resident directors, nominee shareholders, and secretary. 

For legal entities

  • Full set of entity’s documents fully apostille either in Greek or English language
  • Group structure signed by one of the Directors of the company
  • Bank reference and proof of residential address of the company and its ultimate beneficial owners (Recommended). For each ultimate beneficial owner full details and full documentation as stated above should also be provided
  • The latest available audited financial statements
  • % of participation in the Cyprus company

3. Cyprus company formation – registered address

Upon request, we can assist in providing a registered address of the Cyprus company. 

4. Cyprus company formation – full description of activities

A full description of Cyprus company activities should be provided.

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