Cyprus presents an exceptional blend of business and leisure opportunities for foreigners. This publication is designed to offer essential insights into the visitor permit application process in Cyprus, tailored especially for Third Country Nationals (TCNs) aiming to extend their stay beyond a tourist visa.

Main Financial Criteria

To qualify for the Visitors Permit, individuals must showcase their financial capability to sustain themselves in Cyprus without participating in economic activities within the Republic. Key financial criteria include:

  1. Maintaining a Cyprus bank account with a minimum balance of €10,000, transferred or deposited from abroad, or €6,000 for previous employees in Cyprus under the International Business Company (IBC) category.
  2. Demonstrating a minimum monthly income of €2,000 or an annual income of €24,000 from overseas sources.

Main Requirements

Essential documents for the application process include:

  1. Valid passports with an expiry date not exceeding 3 months from the application submission.
  2. Original Clean Criminal Record, duly legalized or apostilled.
  3. Original Medical Examination Results for HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B&C, and Tuberculosis, duly certified.
  4. Cypriot Title Deed or Rental Agreement.
  5. Evidence of sufficient and consistent income from abroad.
  6. Cypriot Bank Account.


Upon approval, applicants receive an initial temporary residence permit valid for up to one (1) year, with the opportunity for indefinite renewal, subject to maintaining eligibility criteria.

Cyprus stands as an inviting destination offering both business prospects and leisurely experiences. By adhering to the outlined criteria and requirements, individuals can seamlessly obtain a Visitors Permit, unlocking the doors to an extended stay in this picturesque country.

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