Cyprus, an island nation known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and thriving economy, presents a plethora of employment opportunities for Third-Country Nationals (TCNs). Whether you’re seeking to join the workforce of a Cypriot entity or an International Business Company (IBC), Cyprus offers a streamlined process for obtaining employment approval and residence permits.

General Employment Scheme

Under the scheme of general employment, third-country nationals can apply to be employed by Cypriot entities not registered as IBCs, without being subject to any minimum salary requirements.

Step 1: Securing Employment Approval

Application to the Labour Department (LD) for employment approval, typically takes around three months for examination. Depending on the salary offered, a market test may apply for salaries below €35,000. The application process varies based on the position, either submitted to the Labour Department District offices or directly to the Central Labour Department – LD office in Nicosia. Once approved, the stamping of employment contracts by the Labour Department (LD) District Office follows suit.

Step 2: Obtaining Entry Permit

Following the Labour Department approval, the application moves to the Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD), accompanied by necessary documents like clean criminal records and medical exams. Upon submission, an Entry Permit is issued by the CRMD.

Step 3: Registering and Residing in Cyprus

Upon arrival, Third Country Nationals – TCNs must proceed with registration at the Civil Registry and Migration Department  – CRMD premises. Physical presence is mandatory for completing the registration process. The issuance of Residence Permits typically takes around four months. The maximum duration of stay for employment purposes is set at four years, with some exceptions for specific categories like athletes, coaches, agricultural workers, Cooks, and highly qualified employees.


Cyprus stands as an inviting destination for Third Country Nationals – TCNs seeking employment opportunities. With a well-defined process outlined by the Labour Department and Civil Registry and Migration Department, navigating the requirements for employment approval and residence permits becomes more accessible.

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