Cyprus has emerged as a premier destination for businesses, offering generous Cyprus tax incentives to attract top-tier professionals from around the world. Through strategic Cyprus tax exemptions on salary income, Cyprus fosters a dynamic and inclusive environment.

This publication provides a detailed analysis of the 20% and 50% Cyprus tax exemptions available, highlighting the benefits and the eligibility conditions for qualifying professionals.

The 50% Tax Exemption: Attracting High-Income Earners

Cyprus is committed to drawing high-income earners through a 50% exemption on remuneration for individuals employed in Cyprus, provided their annual salary exceeds €55,000 (previously €100,000). This exemption is designed for those who have not been residents of Cyprus for at least 15 consecutive years immediately before their employment. It applies to both Cyprus-resident and non-resident employers.

Key Details:

  • Eligibility: Non-residents for 15 consecutive years before employment.
  • Duration: The exemption applies once in a lifetime for 17 years.
  • Transition Period: Those employed before January 1, 2022, may transition to the new exemption if:
    • They were eligible under previous provisions.
    • Initially employed between 2016 and 2021 with remuneration over €55,000.
    • Commenced employment with remuneration below €55,000 and exceeded €55,000 within six months from July 26, 2022.
  • First Employment Definition: The updated definition includes salaried services for resident or non-resident employers, excluding short-term work not exceeding 120 days in a tax year.

The 20% Tax Exemption: Supporting Broader Talent

Starting July 26, 2022, Cyprus introduced a new 20% income tax exemption with a maximum annual limit of €8,550. This exemption is aimed at individuals whose first employment in Cyprus commenced on or after this date and lasts for seven tax years.

Key Conditions:

  • Employment Location: Must be carried out within Cyprus.
  • Previous Residency: Individuals must not have been residents of Cyprus for at least three consecutive tax years immediately before starting their employment.
  • Previous Employment: Must have been employed outside Cyprus by a non-resident employer.

General Benefits and Conditions

Both the 20% and 50% exemptions offer significant advantages:

  • Residency Requirements: Neither the individual nor the employer needs to be a Cyprus tax resident.
  • Choice of Exemption: Individuals can claim only one exemption. Those not resident for 15 consecutive years and meeting the income criteria can claim the 50% exemption. The 20% exemption benefits those who do not meet the 50% criteria, providing a tax advantage for up to seven years.
  • Continuity of Benefits: Individuals not meeting the new 50% exemption conditions but eligible under previous exemptions can continue benefiting from the previous 50% or 20% exemptions for the remaining period.


Cyprus’s tax incentives are designed to make the island a premier destination for international professionals and expatriates. By offering substantial Cyprus tax breaks, Cyprus supports a thriving business environment and attracts top-tier talent. If you are a high-income earner or a professional considering relocation, Cyprus provides an exceptional opportunity to enjoy significant tax savings.

Act Now: Explore how you can benefit from Cyprus’s tax exemptions and take advantage of this strategic opportunity to enhance your career and financial well-being. For more information and to assess your eligibility, contact our team of experts today.

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