Cyprus company registration and initial formalities – Steps

Cyprus company formation form

The following are the steps for Cyprus company registration:

1. To register a Cyprus company, approval of the Cyprus company name is required

Before Cyprus company registration, an application for approval of the name of the Cyprus company should be submitted to the Cyprus Registrar of Companies. The time to approve the name of a Cyprus company can take up to five working days.  As a choice, our firm maintains a list of already approved names. Choosing one of the names on the list can reduce the time to set up a Company in Cyprus. 

2. Cyprus company registration and preparation of legal documents are required

Preparation of legal documents including the Cyprus company memorandum and articles of association.

3. To register a company in Cyprus, preparation of the statutory declaration is required by a lawyer

To register a company in Cyprus a statutory declaration by a lawyer is required. A lawyer prepares a statutory declaration signed and sworn before the court by an entrusted lawyer. The statutory declaration should then be submitted along with the rest of the documents to the Cyprus Registrar of Companies.

4. To register a Cyprus company, submission of legal documents to the Registrar of Companies in Cyprus is required

Τo register a company in Cyprus, relevant completed forms together with the Cyprus company memorandum and articles association and lawyers’ statutory declaration are submitted to the Cyprus Registrar of Companies. 

5. Approval and notification by the Registrar of Companies

The Cyprus Registrar of companies notifies the applicant about the Cyprus company formation approval and registration. Cyprus company Certificates can be obtained after the Cyprus company registration.

Receive a quotation to register a Cyprus company

To register a company in Cyprus or to receive a quotation for the formation of a company in Cyprus please download and complete the ” Cyprus company formation form” by clicking on the link below and send by email to [email protected]

Cyprus company formation form

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