Important Update: Changes in Cyprus Controlled Transaction Transfer Pricing Documentation Requirements

There have been recent developments in the obligation to maintain a Cyprus Controlled Transaction Transfer Pricing Documentation File, which may impact your business.

According to the legislation and regulations, there is a mandatory requirement for Cypriot businesses engaged in controlled transactions during the fiscal year to maintain a Cyprus Transfer Pricing Documentation File. This obligation comes into effect if, cumulatively or by category, their controlled transactions surpass or are expected to surpass €750,000 per fiscal year, based on the arm’s length principle.

In a recent decision from the tax department, and pending the finalization of legislative regulations for the tax year 2022, the threshold for maintaining the Cyprus Transfer Pricing Documentation File has been adjusted as follows:

  • €5,000,000 for controlled transactions falling under the category of “Financial Transactions”
  • €1,000,000 for all other categories of controlled transactions.

Your business must stay compliant with these new thresholds to avoid any potential legal implications. Ensuring accurate and up-to-date documentation will not only contribute to regulatory compliance but also demonstrate your commitment to transparent and ethical business practices.

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