Are you exploring ways to leverage favorable tax benefits by becoming a Cyprus tax resident? Cyprus offers an enticing proposition for individuals seeking to transfer their tax residency, providing advantageous tax schemes for those meeting specific criteria. Embracing the status of a Cyprus tax resident offers two primary avenues:

  1. Residency by spending over 183 days in Cyprus within a tax year.
  2. Qualification as a “60-day” tax resident under specific conditions, allowing residency benefits without meeting the conventional 183-day requirement.

To be acknowledged as a tax resident under the 60 days rule, several criteria must be met.

  1. An individual must not hold tax residency in any other country, not have spent more than 183 days in any other nation and,
  2. fulfill specific presence and activity requirements within Cyprus. This involves staying in Cyprus for at least 60 days during the relevant tax year, engaging in any business/activity in Cyprus, and/or being employed in Cyprus and/or holding a position (e.g. director) with a person who has his tax residence in Cyprus at any time during the relevant tax year,
  3. maintain during the tax year a permanent residence in Cyprus, which is either owned or rented. Maintaining a permanent residence in Cyprus, whether owned or rented, throughout the tax year is essential to solidify Cyprus tax residency.

Certain scenarios, such as the termination of any business activities or holding office, impact an individual’s status as a resident for tax purposes.

In conclusion, establishing Cyprus tax residency provides an avenue for individuals to capitalize on the country’s advantageous tax framework. Whether by fulfilling the standard 183-day requirement or meeting the criteria as a “60-day” tax resident, individuals can navigate and potentially benefit from Cyprus’s tax advantages.

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